Thursday, February 10, 2011

Earth's Berries Soap Nuts Review!

I have had the lucky priveledge to review a new and innovative way to think about cleaning and clothing care: Soap Nuts!  Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts are an economical, environmentally friendly alternative to your standard cleaning products. Recognized by most for its safe and effective laundry uses, Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts has a multitude of other household uses including:
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Pet friendly shampoo for your furry friend
  • Steam-cleaning spot treatment
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Jewelry cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Vegetable wash
  • Pest repellant

So what are Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts? Here's an excerpt from their website:

Soap nuts aren't technically nuts. They're fruit, taken from the soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi). In appearance, they're similar to the lychee nut, yet they're not grown for consumption. Thanks to their high concentration of foaming "saponin," soap nuts are used throughout the world as cleaning agents.
Harvested in India and Nepal, soap nuts have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and for decades in Europe. In the past decade, it has made its way to North America, where it has been recognized as a natural, potent cleaning alternative to the harsh chemicals common to detergents and household cleaners.”
Some great advantages of Earth's Berries Soap Nuts:
  • CHEAP!
  • Cost effective!
  • Global conscientious!
  • Fund raising
  • Fair trade

So now - my experience with Earth's Berries Soap Nuts in one word:
I purchased a large bag (1kg) from TheShoppingChannel when I saw Karen's intriguing presentation on TV. That 1kg bag will do approximately 300-400 loads of laundry. With a purchase price of $30 CDN - that equals maximum $0.10 per load!!! The average laundry detergent runs around $0.30 per load - so it's pretty obvious which is better on the wallet.

First I started using it for laundry. Following the directions on the bag (which can also be found here on their website), I used it as my only laundry soap for several weeks - and I have had nothing but great results! Clothes come out clean with no odor or scent from the soap - even my husband's nasty work pants that he has slugged through the mud - completely clean! Hot water, cold water, small loads, large VERY dirty loads - didn't matter what the combination - it all turned out clean and fresh! 
I was very impressed, and quite pleased with myself for finding such an effective natural product :)

So I moved on to see what else Earth's Berries Soap Nuts could do for me...and so began the creating of soap nut liquid. I followed Karen's video instructions at the Earth's Berries Soap Nuts website to create a rather large quantity of soap nut liquid - very easy to do!

So my first batch all jarred and ready to be put to the test!

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I then used it in a spray bottle as an all-purpose cleaner - on counters, table tops, cabinets, sinks...great easy cleaning!
I then used it to spot treat a few dirty areas on some drapery - worked FANTASTIC! Stains were completely gone with no discoloration or residue on the drapes. It totally saved me from taking each panel down and throwing them in the wash. Saved me time and energy!

Now my routine has been to create Earth's Berries Soap Nuts liquid and freeze it in ice cube trays. Since my freezer is in my laundry room, it's easy access to "ready to use" cleaner. I alternate between using the soap nuts in the muslin laundry bag or using a cube or two of the frozen liquid for each laundry load. Both work just as well.

I plan to use Earth's Berries Soap Nuts for all my child's laundering needs...including cloth diapers!!! I have full confidence it won't let me down.

Check out the Earth's Berries Soap Nuts website to read about all the goodness that soap nuts brings, including testimonals...and order your bag today! Also check out their facebook page here.

Baby Boy's Finished Quilt!

Well here it is! Finished! All washed and crinkly!
It was actually my husband who chose the Arcadia collection. I had a few different collections set out for him, and he chose this one...and I must say I'm quite pleased. I just used a simple half-square triangle to create the diamond pattern. Simple and easy to whip up!

I then quilted straight lines within the white borders to give it a little more dimension.

I backed it with some flannel that is white with dots of each of the colours in the quilt - matched perfectly (I should have taken a picture).

Now all I need is the little one to wrap him up in it :)
3 weeks and counting till he's due to arrive!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have a plan...and it involves cloth diapers!!! Plus giveaway links!

It's been decided!!! We plan to cloth diaper our babe!!!

(I'm shouting it in announcement so that I can't go back on our decision and we'll definitely have to follow

It was actually DH suggestion several weeks ago. At first I thought he was crazy, but then I began researching, and I must say - they are just too CUTE!

That's what first caught my eye - all the lovely colours and patterns - and sweet little bottoms tucked away in such pretty cloth!

Of course, there are many more reasons to cloth diaper:
1. Economical - the cost savings can be very significant when using cloth vs disposables - disposables can cost upwards of $2800 for a baby's life in diapers - cloth can cost anywhere from $200-$1300 per child. As you can see there's a vast difference!
2. Safer for Baby - disposables can contain dangerous and harsh chemicals - stuff that you wouldn't want next to baby's skin. Cloth diapers come in a variety of materials - many containing all organic and natural fibers.

3. Environmental - obviously reusable cloth diapers don't end up in the landfill - not like the 49 million of disposables that land there EVERY day!

4. More reliable - disposables have a bad habit of allowing blow outs - cloth diapers are made and designed to better prevent such accidents. Now I haven't had the joy of experiencing such an event, but I know I want the best secure diaper there is to prevent them!

5. And many many more advantages! Read up on them here, here, or just do a Google search - there is loads of materials out there to help you make your decision to switch to cloth!

Oh yes, and one more personal bonus for myself and other thrifty mama's (mama's to be) - I can make my own! Stay tuned for posts and updates on my diaper sewing fun!

So of course being the thrifty individual I am, I'm always on the lookout for deals and great giveaways. Interested in some awesome cloth diapers and accessories? Check out these two links here for some current giveaways:

Dirty Diaper Laundry - Baby Behinds Magic All Multi-Fit

Baby Dickey's Giveaways - Sweet Bottom Baby Boutique Giveaway

Oh and this one here for an awesome addition to any baby's nursery:

Dirty Diaper Laundry - Oeko Eco Friendly Glider & Ottoman

Wanna learn more about your cloth diapering options? Check out the Diaper Pin for loads of useful information!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Title says it all! I WON!

Miracle Blanket put on a wide spread giveaway with 50 bloggers hosting 50 giveaways! Winners were announced on their facebook page today, and of course I had to know right away, so I checked while at work. When I saw my name I jumped up in the middle of our nursing station and screamed "I WON!" startling co-nurses and patients Thanks goes to the lovely mama Kristen over at The Cliffords, I'll be receiving this beauty:

Any new moms dream - an effective tool to keep babe safe, secure and warm while having a LONG nice sleep!

And I get to choose a colour! I think I'll go with sky blue...or perhaps white with blue trim...what do you think??? Go here and help me decide! Remember: My little bundle is a boy!!

Want more info??? Check out this video here and all the testimonials here - people swear by this blanket to help their little ones sleep! Wanna get one??? Go to Miracle Blanket and purchase one for $29.99 USD.

:) Kerry

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's been a long, long time...

Well it's been a LONG time since I've posted, or even thought about my blog. This past summer has been a whirlwind with more big exciting adventures on the way.

Biggest news of all: I'M PREGNANT!

Finally, after a year of trying (and I'm talking trying REAL hard) we conceived our first babe! Me and DH couldn't be more thrilled. So of course comes an overwhelming flood of emotions, and abruptly life changes directions. All of a sudden I'm not thinking about the newest fabric collection I can't bear to live without - I'm thinking about being a new mom! And all the terrifying thoughts that come with it! I'm sure many of you experienced mothers can more than relate to that initial shock and realization that life is never gonna be quite the same.

So for the first few months - life was a little rough...constant nausea and fatigue that pretty much drained my will to do anything exciting. But now things are picking up - I'm feeling better, have more energy, and am ready to get my life (and home) ready for this new little bundle. Hopefully more crafty items will be in the works, but I will admit, my minds on other projects - nothing like learning and planning for the arrival of a special little someone.

:) Kerry

(P.S. To all those who I may have forgotten over these past few months, I sincerely apologize. I try not to make excuses and work extra hard to keep my word, but sometimes life takes a different direction that just throws you off balance. I feel awful that I might have let some of you down, and hope you will accept this apology)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ravelry Obsession

So it's been a while since I've picked up a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook for that matter...but stumbling upon Ravelry put an end to that!

I spent all day yesterday organizing my stash and current projects (which haven't been touched for probably over a year!!!).

(Isn't my cashmere lovely??? A pressie from my sister!)

(I forgot I had this lovely softie!!!)
It felt so good to get everything together. Since I'm trying to destash this year (on everything...fabric, yarn, whatever), what a great way to see everything you have in one spot. As well, I can look at what others have done with that particular yarn and find inspirational projects. It will make it much easier to use up what I have...(hopefully...or I could fall in love with a multitude of yarns and patterns and justify purchasing pretty things). If you are a knitter or hooker...I highly recommend you join this site. You can even organize your needles/hooks, projects, stash, books, patterns...lots of stuff!!!!!

For instance...I completly forgot about my Brea Bag...and it's so close to being finished! Now to figure out where I'm at in the pattern....
And I found a simple quick pattern for a scrubbie! Made with 100% cotton, a great addition to any kitchen!!!

I know I'm going to have lots of fun with this site...and it's gotten me back into knitting!!!!
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Some overdue updates

First off: LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!

I received this beauty from Amy of Badskirt!!! Isn't it stunning! She used these Japanese prints and totally ran with what I love: birds and trees! I'm pleased as punch...I truly am! This was all apart of The Pillow Talk Swap - the best swap I have been in yet! Heather and Kerrie are superb organizers and I'm thrilled to be know and be involved with such a talented group. Next up will be the Urban Home Goods Swap - all partnered up...but still in the process of planning...

Update of Bee Blocks: This lovely is for Viv for March. I was a little tardy in getting it done because I have to admit, I was a little nervous to do this design. But overall it turned out awesome! I don't know if I would make a whole quilt out of these, because they are time consuming. You can find the tutorial here.
Just wanted to add a picture of my "Bubby"! He just had his first hair cut...doesn't he look handsome! It turns One Year this baby's getting so big!
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