Friday, May 29, 2009

SEWN Giveaway!

Well I finally decided what I'm going to giveaway for the SEWN website launch....

The Charlie - Manzanita Clutch!

Named after my beautiful niece Charlotte, this is my first original bag design, and it's looking for a new home.

All sewn with Joel Dewberry's manzanita collection in robin egg blue and brown. I love the lily's on this piece.

All 100% cotton.
10"length x 7.5" height, darted for a width of 2.5" with a 4.5" strap length.

The contest begins NOW! Open till June 8th at midnight EST. I will randomly choose a winner and announce it the following day (June 9th). Please make sure you include an email address or link to your blog so I can contact you if you win. International contestants welcome!

So here's how to enter:

-For one entry: leave a comment on this post by June 8th at midnight EST. Tell me something interesting, random, whatever your heart desires. One catch: tell me where you find inspiration. Include a link to a blog, website, shop, whatever, where you look for inspiration. I'm always looking for new inspiration.

-For an additional two enteries - blog about it! Just let me know in your comment so I can go check out your crafty blog!

-For an additional three entries: follow-me by clicking on the Follow-Me button on the right hand side. (To my current followers - you are already in the race!)

So in total - that's six enteries for your chance to win!

It's that easy!
My first giveaway on this blog, and I'm getting excited!!!

Good luck to you all!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Help please...

So I'm trying my best to get some unfinished projects done and off my list. I finally completed all the blocks for this Wonderland quilt and squared them I just need to figure out some sashing. But I'm torn. I have two options...

Light or dark? Both are linen/cotton blends that I've never used before in a quilt, but thought it would be good to put them to use. The dark is a flecky grey, and the light is like a natural white (not stark white). I like them both and I can't decide.
Any thoughts? opinions? advice?

On another note, I planted my first garden ever this past weekend.

This being my first house, and also my first real yard, I decided to create a whole new flower bed. I choose perennials (because I don't really want to be doing this every year), and I was told they are pretty low maintenance...perfect for the gardening novice. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see how they spread, grow and bloom. I'm pretty happy with the outcome...

Other random tidbits:

- I got an email from Elizabeth at Ambiance in the Netherlands, and she's creating something really neat...a quilt for her soon-to-be niece/nephew with fabric from all over the world. I sent her some pieces today...if you want to help her out, check out her blog (it's in dutch I and email her. She's got fabric bits from around the globe...what a unique and special gift.

- I also signed up for Swaptree. It's a site where you can swap games, music, movies and books with others. I listed a few of my crafty/cooking books that I no longer use. I've been scanning the site all day finding books I'd love. What a great way to share your gently loved items and receive some new stuff in return!

- I found out about Amy Butler Midwest Modern Contest (pdf file). Starts in June and runs through till September. Make anything using Amy's Midwest Modern collection and enter to win great prizes! I guess I better restock on some more fabric.

- Tomorrow is May Day Giveaway over at Sew Mama Sew. Make sure to check out all the action starting tomorrow...

- Lastly, keep watching for my SEWN launch's all in the works and I'll be posting about it soon.

Have a great week everyone...I'm starting up another round of 4 shifts...lucky me.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

It's HERE!!!

So a few months ago, I was contacted by Sarah from The Electric Quilt Company. They were looking for finished projects that were used with Amy Butler's fabric and patterns, for a new Amy Butler Software CD-ROM. So I was more than willing to share my pics and story. And arrived in the mail!!! I immediately opened and popped it into my computer...and stuff is there!!!! (I can't seem to figure out how to post it here...). And there's lots of others too...all very pretty, pretty stuff. And the projects are really nice, and well planned out (like everyother Amy Butler pattern). And so you can adapt each pattern to your own change the colours or fabrics to see what it will look like. I'm still learning how to do that part, so I'll need more time to really figure it out. Click here to go to The Electric Quilt Company and order yourself a copy!!!! And when you do, don't foget to check out my "inspiring pieces"

This quilt in one of Amy's patterns available on the CD:

Perhaps the next on my list....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some new stuff...

So I have been periodically getting emails from Amy Butler (and I don't know why...I must have enrolled in a newsletter or something...not that I'm complaing by anymeans, I love her stuff!) introducing new products and ideas...and here's the latest I got:

It's her first bedding collection!!! How exciting. All enviornmentally friendly too. These pieces are set to be available in June (right around the corner!). Click here for the slideshow. I personally love the solid pink quilt. Check out her website to stay up-to-date on the details.

And also on the topic of AB (that's right, we're on a short-form basis, Lisa over at U-Handblog is giving away a new Sweet Life Bag! Go check it out to enter...but remember...the bag is mine!!!

I see greeeen!!!!!

Have I already mentioned that green is my favourite colour????

So I'm at the point in many of my projects where I get to distract me I pulled open my Nest jelly roll and just started sewing. Log cabin style, nothing too fancy...but I just love this green!

So I have no real idea what kind of direction I'm going in. I'll let the fabric inspire me.

But that can be disastrous at times. For example, I decided to do something similar to my Wonderland layer real plan, no pattern, just sewing...and now piles of squares sit in the corner of my sewing room. No inspiration here...I think I need some creative juices...anyone have some they want to share???

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Old Red Barn Quilt-A-Long Fabrics

So I rummaged through my stash looking for fabrics for Dana's quilt-a-long and surprise...i found blue and green (I guess they have become my go-to-colours). Lots of Amy Butler, some Erin McMorris, and a dab of Alexander Henry and 3 Sisters. I really am trying my hardest not to purchase new fabric, but this quilt-a-long really has me tempted....

If you're interested in joining, it's not too late!!!! Click the pic on the right hand side.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Home updates

I guess I should have taken a picture of this old dresser before I started painting...but I got too eager. We received this from a friend who needed to rid himself of some old stuff as he was downsizing. We scored this old dresser, plus a sofa bed, an old Singer sewing machine, a vanity, a dry sink...and I think thats it. I was loving it, since I'm such a thifter, looking for new life in others throw aways.

Here it is in the process. It was originally a dark walnut stain.

And the completed piece in my bedroom. It turned out great. I had to do 3 coats of paint to really get good coverage. The original pulls are still on, but I'm going to keep my eyes open for something a little different. So that's one piece done...I think 4 more to go.

Just threw this one in there...My sister gave this frame as a gift to me and my husband...and I finally put a photo in and found the perfect spot...atop my new dresser.

And my first attempt at seedlings. Growing these from seeds in my sunroom...some are coming in like crazy, while others are taking their time. I think it's time to re-planter them...yes? I'm such a dumb dumb when it comes to gardening...
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Baby Blooms Quilt

So the quilt top is complete!!! I had a lot of fun piecing this one. It made me fall in love with 1930 reproduction prints. TOO CUTE!

So I'm in the process of quilting it...mostly stitch in the ditch, and maybe some echo around the flowers. I opted not to make faces or smilies on the flowers...I kinda like it better this way.

And another great quilting adventure coming up: Old Red Barn Quilt-a-long! Check this out:

And I'm totally in the market for a new cool would it be to win one??????

Some completed projects

So I've realized I'm one of those bloggers that don't post anything for like a week and a half and then all of sudden I have so much to share...

Something I have been wanting to create for a long time, and I finally found a great tutorial for it (the link is a .pdf file). It's a thread catcher attached to a weighted pin cushion and a hanging pocket organizer. How cool eh. Handing to have it all beside me while I'm sewing. I used Erin McMorris' Park Slope for all the fabric and I love the fun bright feel to it. After making this I've decided I should take some time and effort into creating a pretty space for myself. Next up...ironing board cover (mines looking pretty shady right now).

Another completed project (FINALLY!) is my Bananafana bag. I started this 1 year was supposed to be my spring bag last I'll finally get to use it this year. Loving the Amy Butler Nigella fabric.

And the grommet detail is fun, however, they are scary to work with sometimes. It's a little unnerving to cut a hole in a piece that you just completed...but it all worked out.

So June if fast approaching and I'm still sorting through trying to figure out what my big giveaway will be for the SEWN website launch...I'm definitely thinking handmade...

Also coming up is the May Giveaway Day organized by Sew Mama Sew. Check it out here. I don't think I'll be hosting a giveaway for that particular one, considering I've already got one in the works for June 1st. But I will be partaking in the fun!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nature's Drying Machine

So I just love spring...especially when the days are warm enough to hang your laundry outside. I love seeing sheets and towels flapping in the wind...
Last year I accidently left my clothes pin bag outside in the rain, and unforunately it never recovered (it was a store bought one, and I couldn't get rid of the smell). So I was in a need of a replacement...and here it is:

I used up some stash fabric in a heavier weight cotton for durability.

Here's the back. I know it's hanging crooked but I think thats my fault in how I constructed it. Oh well, it's unique. I had to add a tie on the top because silly me cut the opening for the hanger too wide and I needed to cover it up. So get out the glue gun...

Here it is flapping in the wind. It's very handy, and I am pleased with how it turned out.

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Now I didn't use a pattern for this, just sewing-on-the-fly. Because I used some hot glue in this project, I will be unable to remove the bag from the hanger for washing, which I now realize, can be a bit a problem considering my last experience with a clothes pin bag. Perhaps I should have followed one of the great tutorials for a bag found here, here or here. Okay, lesson learned: THINK FIRST, then sew.

Monday, May 4, 2009

No Name Tote

I haven't made alot of bags recently, but I did get excited working with this linen I purchased at the local fabric store (on sale too!). I just love the natural roughness to it (if that makes sense).

Just a simple tote with a pieced stripe going across the bottom to each side.

The straps are thread through grommets that I thought added a little different detail.

I love the lining. I think every purse or bag should be lined with fun, lively fabrics. It's like it's a hidden secret for you alone to enjoy, that others can only glimpse at.

No pattern was used...just sewing-on-the-fly. I like it...but enough to make more? I dunno...we'll have to see. I haven't figured out a name for this bag yet...I guess I'm waiting for divine inspiration.
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