Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pillow Swap Completed!

All ready to be wrapped and sent out West for the Pillow Swap Round 2! To who??? Just have to wait and see!

:) Kerry
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Distractions & Another Swap Opportunity

Well it's been a few weeks since I've entered my sewing room....too many distractions....

One being this energetic fellow:

We (me and hubby) have fortunately had some days off together, and were able to go on a few hikes with the enthusiastic pup.

See the black dot in the center of his tongue?? I'm assuming it's a birth mark of some sort....

He was leading us on the snowshoe trail.

Other distractions: Getting my wisdom teeth pulled! I know I'm a little old for it...but that's cause I just kept putting it off...
I'm all puffed up like a chipmunk and am not able to open my jaw very much...

But as I'm whining about my teeth, my cousin had his little boy! A big 8lb 13oz bouncing baby! And we all know what that means:



My sister roped me into joining this purple charm chain swap.
Basically, it's like a chain letter...
No money involved only fabric...2 - 6" squares of purple fabric sent to 5 people (total of 10 squares)!
If the chain will receive 72 6" squares to make a charm quilt...or whatever you would like to make.
I need 4 more participants...
Basically...I send squares to the person on the top of my list..cross her off the list...add my name to the bottom...and send fabric along with the list to 4 others...with instructions on how to continue!
If you would like to participate, I need you to email me your mailing address (which will be seen by all the members of the chain that the letter gets sent to) to kerrycase [at] gmail [dot] com...
Again, only if you want to, and I understand if you don't.
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