Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Strippy complete!

I'll telling ya - if you need some motivation to get those unfinished projects done - buy a new sewing machine! You'll be shocked at all you can accomplish!

My strippy quilt (which I had completed the top months ago!), is finally complete! And I'm so in love!

I did zig zag quilting in the center, then a few straight lines along the borders. Simple, yet so very pretty. Thanks to Heidi for her suggesting this quilting design.

I did a simple backing with a scrappy border.

I love it soooo much, that it is pushed it's way into my living room. So sorry to be packing away my Amy Butler brick quilt, but have to make room for this little gem. My husband is happy too...this quilt doesn't have any pink in it.

So now I just have to create a label for it. I think I'll embroider another one like Hopscotch.

Oh ya...and I named this one "Tootsie Roll" for two reasons.
1. It was the first jelly roll I worked with, and,
2. I kept wanting to break out in dance to that ol' school song "Tootsie Roll", which kept playing in my head as I was making this quilt.


On a similar note, have any of you used Retayne or Synthrapol??? I'm worried a little about washing this one, and the Hopscotch quilt, because of the bright colours & the white sashing. I bought some Retayne, but I'm too nervous to use it. Some sites say it's okay to use it on a completed quilt, while others say no. Any experience with either of these??? It's nerve wrecking because I truly love both of these quilts!
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Hopscotch Complete!

All quilted and bound and ready to be delivered to a very special friend.

I free-motioned my way around this one, trying out my new Janome...and boy was I impressed. That quilt glided through that machine!

I choose a dark, vibrant backing. My friend, Adrienne, LOVES pink...so I thought the flowers quite fitting.

And my first attempt at embroidery! Not too shabby! I kept it simple, but really enjoyed creating this label. I usually have a hard time with labels as I haven't found my preferred method...but maybe now I have??? Time consuming, but worth it in the end. How do you do your quilt labels??? If you have any reference/link for a how-to for different methods, I would love it!!! Comment & post it here!


Thanks again to everyone who voted to name this quilt. It was a lot of fun!!! Maybe more contests in the future???

More pics to come of my other completed works...since buying that Janome, I'm a quilting machine!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

More Quilt Blocks

Since I had so much left over from Carm's fabric, I was able to create another block for her...a framed wonky log cabin.

And I was also able to complete Sara's block for Mish Mash Stash Bash Quilting Bee. She requested hexagons, something completely new to me, and provided a beautiful vintage floral piece of fabric. Instead of doing the paper-piecing method, I decided to take the easier route with half-hexagon construction. I've never tried paper piecing, but from what I hear, this is much faster. You can check out a template/tutorial on flickr here.

I tried to keep with the retro feel by using all 1930's inspired prints...mostly from Aunt Grace's various collections. I hope she likes it!

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What happens when you get a new sewing machine???

This is what happens!!!!!!

I finally started and completed quilting my strippy quilt (has been sitting in the closet for months!).

Also, I created a new ironing board cover. I was trying to be brillant one night and got adhesive all over my old cover, so a new, hand made one was warranted. I followed this tutorial here - very easy and fast!

AND...I finished my sister's (Carmen) block for Live Piecefully Quilting Bee. She mentioned to me that she was loving the "strippy" style...so this is the result.

All that and more in 2 days!!!! This new machine is a work horse, and has rekindled my love for sewing! Thank-you Janome!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thruming Along

So after nearly 2 years in the making, I have finally completed my thrum mittens! Aren't they beautiful? Thrum mittens are a unique way to knit-in pieces of roving to create bulk and warm on the inside of the mitt. Cool eh?

A lovely wool maker, Fleece Artist, in Nova Scotia, Ontario, creates these beautiful kits, with a large variety of colours. I picked mine up at a local yarn shop, but click here for links to a store near you.

I love them so much, I have another set in the works.


Other news:

I know it's been a long time since my last post, but things are starting to pick up in my own crafty world...I have upgraded and purchased a new sewing machine...


Ok I have to calm down...
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