Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pillows Galore!

Well I've kinda developed a love for pillow covers! I just spent the last two days playing with fabrics and designs, and came up with these three:

I love the colours! The solid is a real nice smokey green - and the flower print fabric is bold and beautiful!
After completing those log cabins for Project Improv, I have just fell in love with piecing these fronts! It's simple, yet gives you endless opportunities for creativity and imagination.

I really like them all, but I think I LOVE the stripe one below:

So it's been along time in the works, but I have finally decided to start up my Etsy shop again. I was doing really well there for about a year, then I moved to a new house, things got lost, sewing machines got broken, yadda yadda yadda...but now I'm back on track.
So please stop by the check it out sometime.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little craft...

Just wanted to share pics of my new pin's pretty straight forward and easy peasy...yet functional and cute - just the way I like it.

You can find this free pattern from Heather Bailey's website. Click here for the PDF file.
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Fabric Cork board

So I have been wanting to make this for a VERY long time, but supply issues (staples for the staple gun, enough ribbon, etc.) always stopped me from completing yesterday I said "Just do it...and if it doesn't turn out, oh well." I had a large piece of this fabric laying around for a long time, and I have finally put it to good use. I didn't over embellish with ribbons because I thought eventually it will be covered with papers and lists, etc.

I used the Moda ribbon you get with jelly rolls to add a little detail to each corner. I think it looks quite cute.

Then I started loading it up with some stuff...the downfall to this design is the solitary hanging hook at the top...if I put too much on one side it leans. So for now, I'm restricted to light papers and pins until I fix...

As a side note, I found these buttons that I purchased ages ago buried in my drawer. Isn't it cute! If I have it out on the cork board than maybe I will remember to find a good use/home for them...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wonky Log Cabins

So after my first success with making a log cabin, I thought I would try to make some wonky blocks. It started with this one:

Then came this one:

And a third:

Until I ended up with 5!

These are all 6" square. I used up my scraps of Urban Chiks Blossom. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with these yet...I think I'll keep making more until I run out of scraps. I think I see a throw quilt in the works.

I must thank Jacquie for her inspirational blog that has opened my a whole new world of quilting for me. I love the creativity and individuality of each block, and the freedom I have to choose the design - no patterns or designers to dictate my creative process! It's exhilarating!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Improvisional Log Cabin Block

So I heard about Project Improv from Tallgrass Prairie Studio, but I couldn't decide whether or not to join. First, I have never made a log cabin block, let alone a improvisional one. So I read through a few tutorials, and starting scouring my scrap bins. And viola! My first improvisional piece. And was it FUN! It felt liberating to just randomly choose patterns and sizes and let it all come together.

There are bits of Amy Butler, Urban Chiks, Anna Griffin and various pieces. I think it came together quite nicely. So the piece measures approx 14" x 14" - too big for the Project Improv - so I think this will become a pillow cushion cover...that can't be too hard, right?

I HIGHLY recommend taking this step and just flow with your mood, the fabric, and what inspires you. So with this great experience in hand, I decided to join Project Improv! I will definately be making more of these! Check out Project Improv's Flickr group. Some beautiful and amazing pieces.

Next attempt: try making it Wonky!
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Win a book and a handmade apron! Go check it out!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fabric and Fun Giveaway

Check out this:

Fabric Hound is having a giveaway! Fabric, books, discounts! Lots of good stuff.


The creativfestival is coming in April!!! Check out the link here!!! I've never been able to go due to work obligations, but this year I will definitely have to get that weekend off!!! More details coming February 1st. I'M TOO EXCITED!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My So-Called Winter Bag

Every season I plan to make a purse or bag for the upcoming season. I had started this purse project several months ago in hopes that it would become my winter bag this year...sadly I'm not quite their yet and winter is halfway over. I seem to get too distracted with fabric.

I got this awesome free pattern from the Berroco website. I have a huge stash of yarn, but was saving this very special skein for something beautiful. I got this gorgeous hand dyed yarn from dkKnits, which worked perfectly. Below is the front of the purse currently on my blocking board.

I know it's hard to see...the lighting is off a little bit...

A close-up of the flower in the center.

I have completed both front and back, now just have to complete the strap and lining. Should be ready by...oh lets say....June.

Work In Progress

My first quilt for 2009. I had Moda's Cotton Blossom jelly roll laying around, and I decide it was time to pick it up and get cutting. I saw this beautiful quilt on Beaty Family Fun's Flickr page and was inspired! I decided to throw caution to the wind and create a quilt with no pattern. It looked easy enough, yet with my little background in quilting I was still a little nervous.

My beautiful strips sewn and ready to cut. (It was so beautiful out that day as you can see the sunshine coming through the window).

Strips together with white sashing. I wasn't sure whether to use white or cream...I think I made the right choice.

The center is complete!! I just randomly choice which strip sets to cut and connect.

Aren't those colours beautiful! Now all I have to complete is the checked border, back, bind and quilt! I planned to hopefully complete the quilt top today but Old Man Winter is raging on us and my laundry drain is while my husband deals with a flooded laundry room, I'm going to go lock myself in my sewing room.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Completed Quilts of 2008

I only began quilting in early first was the brick pattern using Amy Butler's Lotus collection. I had always thought of quilting as an "old lady" past time...but seeing the new the inspiring fabrics and designs I knew I had to try it! And I definitely feel in love!

This quilt took quite a while considering I was learning in the process. It was a good first project as it was forgiving to errors. It is definitely a favorite of mine and stays in my living room.

This quilt is at the top of my list! I made it for my sister and her family as a Christmas gift. I used Urban Chiks Blossom collection and a pattern called Uptown from the Moda website. It was another great pattern that was very forgiving to mistakes!

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Now I have SOO many projects on the go! I'm becoming overwhelmed with fabric!

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