Friday, March 27, 2009

Memory Stitches

So I was able to get some crafting in before the wedding, and thankfully so, because this was very special to me and both my sisters. I found my belated mother's wedding dress in my Dad's basement. It's a beautiful, simple, old 70's style dress, which over time had developed stains and discolouration. I knew that it would never be worn again, besides maybe at a halloween party, so I thought to get creative...

I decided to turn her gown into something special for me and my two sisters. And so came wedding clutches...

One for each of us. I used my Fiona clutch design, adding piping and a flower. Mine's the blue on (for something old and something blue). Each has a coordinating lining with fleece to add softness.

I used the skirt of the dress for the body of the purse, and her train (with coordinating ribbon) for the flower. Each has satin ribbon piping with a string of pearl beads hand stitched in place.

On the interior I added a simple label - "Stitched in Loving Memory of Karen Case". I gave them to my sisters and they just loved it. Hopefully this will be a family heirloom that will be passed on for generations.
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I haven't posted in a long time...been very busy with planning and organizing our WEDDING!!! Me and my man of 9 years finally tied the knot! It was a nice simple ceremony in a small resort in northern ontario. It was perfect, and we are both thrilled to finally have taken this step!

So now the next step is announcement cards. We only told a few family members of the wedding, hence why I never posted our plans for it. So we plan on sending out announcement cards like you would invitations to all our family and friends. I was thinking about photo cards from Kodak or a similar service...or making our own. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice or ideas???

I'm excited to get back to normal life again...and my sewing room...
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